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mining and the coal sold at the mine for from $2.00 to $2.50 per ton. During the fiscal year of 1854-'55 about 100,000 bushels of coal were raised in the Farmington district. This had an average value at the mines of six:- and one-fourth cents per bushel. At the Mississippi river markets it retailed at eighteen

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Abandoned Underground Coal Mines in Iowa Information Sources. Jun 05, 2009 · A regional com-pilation prepared in 1977 by Iowa State University titled " Coal Mine Maps for Eight Iowa …. Abandoned Underground Coal Mines in Iowa …. » More detailed.

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Where is Buxton Iowa? The Buxton Historic Townsite is a historical site located east of Lovilia, Iowa, United States in rural Monroe County. The unincorporated community was founded in 1895, developed by the Chicago and Northwestern Railway as a coal mining company town to supply the railroad.

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As with many other small towns in Iowa, Perry owes part of its origins to coal mining. By 1895, Iowa had 342 coal mines that employed over 6000 miners. Thirty years later, at the height of coal mining, twice as many people were employed as miners, with coal …

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Interactive map of historic coal mines in Iowa. I'll piggyback this as I just posted it in another post. The Historical Aerial Project. Let's you go …

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The purpose of this report is to compile information on past coal mining activity in the city of Des Moines and the surrounding areas and summarizing documentation for the available records. The limits of the study area encompass the most densely populated portion of the Des Moines area affected by undermining and includes all known underground mines in Polk county.

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Lauri's find was the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' interactive Coal Mine Maps application, located here, locating the mines --- most in south central Iowa --- that were such an important part of the region's economy from the 1870s until the …

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Coal mines could be found in the south central part of Iowa in the 1800s. In the 1850s coal mining became an important industry. Many immigrants worked in the coal mines of Iowa. Transcript. Zook Spur, Muchakinock, Buxton. They were towns that grew up with the coal mining industry in Iowa, then faded to nonexistence when production was cut.

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"A Mineral Map of Iowa" (p.5) shows the areas where coal was located and mined. Coal deposits could be found in much of central Iowa. The mining area however, extended from Wapello County in southeastern Iowa to Boone County in central Iowa. Throughout the mining area were dozens of coal camps which provided housing for the coal mining families ...

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The remainder of the coal mines (377) had locations and extents documented by sources other than surveyed maps. The most common alternate sources were township maps prepared by the Office of State Mine Inspectors, followed by maps in the Iowa Geological Survey annual reports, and mining company lease maps.

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources's (DNR) interactive map of coal mines in Iowa shows the locations of coal mines and mine entrances throughout Iowa, and also has the option to search the map by street address. Users may click on the map to access information about mine use dates, type, mining method, entrance type, and links to original mine maps.

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Iowa Geospatial Data. State of Iowa Geospatial Data Assets. State of Iowa Geospatial Data Assets.

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Coal Mine Maps: An interactive map to view coal mine maps where coal was mined in Iowa. One Stop Facility Explorer : An interactive map of environmentally-regulated facilities. Fishing Atlas: An interactive map of contour maps, fishing structure locations, topography and more. GeoSam: An interactive map of geologic information from well data.

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Map of 110 mines filtered by commodity, disposition, development status, and record type in Iowa.