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Fleshing Machine. The Whizard® Trimmer lets you bring the fleshing tool to the hide for improved speed, mobility and control. Even better, it requires only a fraction of the physical effort of traditional processes. Our fast rotation circular blade cuts cleanly through thick, sticky fat, improving your productivity and your profits.

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the fleshing knife arbor with the belt drive system holds the blade into the fleshing machine p6040003 the retaining rings holdsthe 6203 bearings inside the arbor enabling it to rotate accurately close up view of the fleshing knife arbor with the bearing and retaining ring intact. Dakota Fleshing Machines and Parts McKenzie Supply

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If you've never used a fleshing machine before, please remember that there is a learning curve to it. It will take a while for you to become proficient with it. My advice would be to buy a new blade also. When I was first learning on my IV, I more or less wrecked the blade.


We manufacture the S&S fleshing machine, sharpening steels, new blades and offer resharpens/regrinds and refurbish fleshing machines. "Serving Taxidermists Nationwide" We routinely work with thousands of taxidermy companies, large and …

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bought electric grinder from HFT for $20 and mini fleshing blade on ebay for $15 .used a small piece of angle iron welded two half circles of steel to use as...

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Redneck Convent RC Fleshing Knife 12 Inch - Stainless Steel Hide Tanning Fleshing Tool, Taxidermy Tools Fleshing Beam Blade. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 23. $46.99. $46. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 30. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

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With the fleshing machine, what size motor does it have as well as how thick of a skin are you working with? Is it a Whitetail cape or a Moose cape? How sharp is the blade, is it freshly ground or used and dull? LET'S GET STARTED. Here are a few simple "Rules Of Thumb" I like to share with folks who ask me this question. Proper Guard Setting

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Tuning your fleshing blade is an art in itself, above and beyond running the machine. To understand this process you must first know how the cutting edge or wire works. Tuning Your Fleshing Blade. First lets touch on how the wire is created …

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Fleshing blades Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Riddler, Mar 21, 2011. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mar 21, 2011 #1 . Riddler Member. 438 2 ... are you SURE? I'm not a metallurgist but I ran a military machine shop for years. Why would you temper steel BEFORE you sharpen it. Grinding tempered steel is a great way to take the temper OUT of the ...

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Description. We will regrind your 12″ used fleshing blade and ship it back all for one cost. Our reground sharpened blades are EXTREMELY SHARP. This is the same service we use on our own wholesale fleshing blades and machines. NOT all blades can be sharpened or reground. If you send a blade that can not be reground, you will receive a refund.


FLESHING MACHINE. $ 610.00 – $ 1,020.00. The S-900 Advanced Fleshing Machine -This kit includes the head unit, circular knife blade, sharpening steel and instruction booklet. Assembly required. Unit is also available with or without the motor. SELECT STYLE.

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If you buy a Dakota fleshing machine from Van Dyke's, it will come with a motor and switch assembly, a 3/16" x 1" square key stock (this is taped to the motor), cap screws, flat washers, nuts, and the assembly (includes the blade, housing, arbors, guards, brackets, hood, and the belt).

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Freedom Brand Standard Fleshing Knives. Ideal for low to medium volume fur processing The smallest one has a blade that is 1" x 10" and is good for mink and muskrats The middle sized one has a blade that is 1 1/2" x 12" and is used for raccoon, fox and other similarly sized animals

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Website Builder Insider. The Flesh-All Mini-Flesher Time Tested For Over 30 Years. By D. Price 9/15/2017 . The Flesh-All Mini-Flesher, AKA the Mini Flesher has been going strong since the mid 1980's and it has proven itself as the industry leader in hand held fleshing/shaving devices.


Fleshing machine Machinery for the Tanning Industry. ... Thickness adjustment enabled by blade cylinder turning advancement through an hand wheel placed on the right side of the machine, easy to be used by the operator. Safety device acting on the whole front of the machine.

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Mini Flesher Replacement Blades. $ 30.00. High Quality Replacement Blades. If the buyer is in North Carolina 7.25% sales tax will be added automatically. 4 in stock. Mini …

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C14B1/10 — Fleshing, unhairing, samming, stretching-out, setting-out, shaving, splitting, or skiving skins, hides, or leather using slicking, scraping, or smoothing-out cylinders or blades fixed on supports, e.g. cylinders, in a plane substantially at right angles to the working surface in machines with drums with cylindrical, conical, or ...

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fleshing machine blade Discussion in 'Tanning' started by JLG, Mar 17, 2009. Mar 17, 2009 #1 . JLG Member. 250 0. oklahoma. Just curious how long a blade on a fleshing machine will last some of you? I am using a dakota model,new 2yrs ago. I would say that I have run about 150 skins across it and it is getting little chips in it


FLESHING MACHINE $ 610.00 – $ 1,020.00 Select options; FLESHING MACHINE BLADES $ 76.75 – $ 94.75 Select options; ORANGE NITRILE GLOVES $ 46.00 Select options; SKIFE KNIVES $ 2.05 – $ 16.10 Select options; STRETCHING PLIERS $ 53.26 Add to cart; WEIBE FLESHING KNIFE $ 59.95 Add to cart; TAXIDERMY SUPER – STORE.

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New Fleshing Machine Blades. $ 110.00. These are new 12″ fleshing blades. They are made of the highest quality American made carbon steel, …

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FLESHING MACHINES FLESHING KNIVES (sharp) $220 each. FLESHING KNIVES (blank) $ 124 each. Regrinding dull knives $ 60 each - two or more $ 54 each Plus freight (postage or UPS . Raw Hide Circular Fleshing Knife Grinders $15.000. Buy the same machine we use to grind all our new knives and regrind dull blades.

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Dakota Fleshing Machines are quickly becoming the standard for the industry. Cut your time down by fleshing your capes and hides at your shop. The Dakota V Flesher and the Dakota IV Detail Flesher are two of the top fleshers on today's market. Flesher replacement blades and …

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FLESHINGMACHINES.COM fleshing machines, blades, tuning steels, blog, as well as training videos on mastering the fleshing machine.


Basic instruction on how to flesh a deer cape on the fleshing machine. Basic instruction on how to flesh a deer cape on the fleshing machine.

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A fleshing machine is a device that strips the fat and muscles from the hide, or cape, of an animal. A strong blade separates the skin from the attached tissues, and flattens and stretches the hide. Fleshing machines are used by taxidermists primarily, but can be used by any company that makes products from the pelts of animals.

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The machine comes with (2) straight edge blades: a surgical stainless steel and a high carbon blade, (1) serrated blade, (3) brushes-soft, firm and stiff and (1) scraper blade. The straight blades are used for general beaming and fleshing of mammals.

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rawhide fleshing flesher hide shaving machine & 3 spare blades fresh paint ! i bought this personally from a closing taxidermy shop in poor condition and started a complete restoration from scratch this is a RAWHIDE FLESHING MACHINE SERIAL NO. 2567 MADE IN ALLENTOWN.

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The S&S machine is a quality machine. Thankfully, an old Rawhide lasted me about 30 years and is still going strong in another shop. I thought the original S&S was overpriced, though I've heard that their prices have come more into line. I was a great deal involved in machines when the Dakota Pro came out.


FLESHING MACHINE BLADES. $ 76.75 – $ 94.75. 11 3/4″ Stainless Steel Blade Stainless steel blades hold an edge longer and cut smoother while staying rust-free. This blade will fit the S-900 Advanced fleshing machine, as well as several other popular brands of …

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Our Custom Circular Fleshing Blades. Fleshing machines take the exhausting work out of manually shaving and fleshing skins and hides — but your equipment is only as good as the blade you use. The unique edge of a custom …

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Piranta Edge- Skinning Knife from $7.50. Piranta Edge- Skinning Knife. $41.95. Includes: 12 additional stainless steel #60XT blades, 2 3/4" Rugged, stain-resistant ABS plastic handle Overall length 7 1/4" Ambidextrous thumb studs Open back for easy...

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Round Knife Blade Grinding ***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*** With state of the art equipment that is designed for commercial tanneries, we can offer you a professional regrind on your used and dull fleshing machine blades.Simply box them up and ship them to us in the sleeve they came in with the printable packing slip provided below and we will take care of the rest.


The Flesh-All Mini-flesher is now celebrating over 25 years of being the Taxidermy industry's #1 hand held fleshing tool! The Mini-flesher has proven it's self many times over to be the most dependable, economical and easy to use fleshing-shaving tool on the market today. With the Flesh-All Mini-flesher you can flesh and thin virtually all ...

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Fleshing Machine Blade Wobble Discussion in 'Tanning' started by zachb1994, Oct 15, 2021. Oct 15, 2021 #1 . zachb1994 Member. 21 42. I have a older rawhide fleshing machine. The blade was worn out so I bought a new blade. It hals a slight wobble to it. I have checked everything I can think of belt, bearings, pulleys.

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Dakota Fleshing Machines are quickly becoming the standard for the industry. Cut your time down by fleshing your capes and hides at your shop. The Dakota V Flesher and the Dakota IV Detail Flesher are two of the top fleshers on today's market. Flesher replacement blades and …