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Granite edges for countertops are available in several beautiful styles and shapes. Stone edges are fully-customizable design elements that you are able to choose prior to the countertops' fabrication. Every detail in your granite countertop edges will affect your overall cost, function, product look and feel, and durability.

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Countertop Edge Styles. From traditional to contemporary, we offer a number of different edge profiles with our stone surfaces. Our Standard edge profiles can be used on any material, regardless of the thickness. The Enhanced and Premier edge profiles do require the material to be 1 ¼" or 3cm thick.

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Half bullnose edges, or demi-bullnose edges, have the delicate curve of a bullnose edge and a flat bottom. The soft, rounded top makes this edge a good choice for kitchens of any size. These edges look best in traditional kitchens and when paired with stone countertops. While full bullnose edges will make a countertop look thinner, half ...

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Granite edges for countertops are available in many shapes. The detail of the shape of granite countertop edges will affect cost, function, and cleanability.. Stone edges are a design element that you get to choose prior to fabrication. The edge or profile that you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your granite counter tops and your kitchen.

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Edges. The edging of your countertop may be one of the last decisions you make, but it is no less important than the stone slab itself. The edging you choose can help set the tone of the room. Simple edging like crescent and bullnose allow for a smoother, softer feel while ornate edging designs like ogee and double ogee create an air of ...

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Countertop Edges are a big choice to make when replacing quartz or granite countertops in a kitchen or bathroom. Knowing the differences between eased, bullnose, ogee, half bullnose, cove, bevel, stepped, and chiseled edge profiles is important.

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The Triple Pencil edge gives your granite the attention it deserves with three rounded edges. The Quarter Bevel edge emphasizes rounded elements in your kitchen. The Ogee edge is popular with lighter granite countertops for bathrooms and kitchen. This kitchen utilized the Cove Dupont edge for the countertop.

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Ogee Countertop. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of the Classical or Victorian Era, then an ogee edge style is best for your granite countertop. The S-shape edge of your countertop is similar to the medieval architectural beauty many years ago. You can find sophistication and warmth from the combination of straight and curved edges of the ogee.

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Choosing stone & granite edges is easy with our illustrated chart. There are standard, premium and laminated profile edges - view all edges on our site

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Stone Edge Granite Countertops LLC is proud to provide full-service remodeling specializing in absolutely everything to make these rooms look their best. Did you know, the kitchen and bathroom are the most valuable rooms? When looking to purchase, most buyers can be sold on a home or business with a great bathroom and kitchen. ...

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When it comes to countertop edges, if you can dream it, we can make it--the possibilities are truly endless. Whichever combinations of stone, color and edge profile you choose,'s computer-controlled state-of-the-art machines, which give a perfect edge for granite countertops …

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Granite is an imposing, beautiful slab that will set a serious mood for your kitchen. One small detail, however, can be really annoying-the edges of the granite countertop.. Many factors go into selecting the color and edge profile for your countertops, including the granite slab you are buying.

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Natural Stone Edge Profiles. We have unlimited design options for your solid surface Countertops. Differently profiled edges together with colors and surface textures of surfaces can easily give a traditional, modern, or rustic appearance to your kitchen. Feel free to discuss your choice of countertop profiles and edges with our experts.